Reggie Rymal, comedian and paddle-ball expert who was featured in the Warner Bros. 3D pic “House Of Wax” died Dec. 25 of a heart attack in La Habra Ca.. He was 81 years old.

Rymal was an entertainer and comedian in the early 1950s and was well known for his paddle-ball skills. He performed standup comedy and paddle-ball at hotels around the country. He appeared on many television shows during the early days of TV, including “The Eddie Cantor Show,” “You Asked For It,””Ladies Choice,” and “The Steve Allen Show”.

But he is best remembered for his paddle-ball act in “House Of Wax.” In the 3D pic, Rymal’s paddle-balls seem to jump off the screen

He is survived by his son Royal A. Rymal, three Grandchildren and his brother Murray Westgate.