Patrick L. Veitch, controversial general director of various performing arts orgs, died April 27 in Cincinnati, an apparent suicide. He was 59.

He previously led the Pennsylvania Ballet (1989-91), Australian Opera (1981-86) and Opera Pacific in Orange County, Calif. (1996-97), all of them in tumultuous times of cost-cutting that brought him much criticism for what was termed his abrasive, autocratic style. But he was also credited with improving the orgs’ financial outlooks and in two cases setting them on sounder financial footings that eventually led to improved artistic development.

In the 1970s, he was marketing director of the Metropolitan Opera.

Beaumont, Texas, native earned degrees from North Texas State U. and a master’s in biz admin from Columbia. He had recently worked as a financial consultant for the Partnership for Drug-Free America in New York and for Dance for All in South Africa. In 2000 he moved to Cincinnati to be near his two daughters, who survive him as does life partner Greg Schnell, ex-wife Kathleen Norris, and a sister.