Jinx Falkenburg, actress, model and radio-television star who along with her husband, Tex McCrary, helped establish the talk show genre, died Wednesday Aug. 27, in Manhasset, N.Y., one month after her husband’s death. She was 84. Her husband died July 29 at 92.

Falkenburg and McCrary, together known as “Tex and Jinx,” had two radio talkshows, several television shows and a column in the New York Herald Tribune.

Their first show together, “Hi Jinx,” was broadcast on WEAF in 1946, and they later hosted the popular “Meet Tex and Jinx.”

On television, the couple starred in “At Home” on NBC, interviewing guests in their home, and later hosted the “The Swift Home Service Club.”

Born Eugenia Lincoln Falkenburg in Barcelona, Spain, she was nicknamed Jinx by her mother. Falkenburg appeared in Spanish-language movies before her career took off after she was featured on the cover of the American Magazine in 1937.

She appeared in films “Sing for Your Supper,” “Sweetheart of the Fleet,” “Lucky Legs,” “Cover Girl” and others. She also entertained troops during World War II.

Falkenburg and McCrary, who worked to persuade Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president in 1952, were fund-raisers for the Republican Party, and Falkenburg was appointed head of the party’s women’s division in 1954.

The couple married in June 1945. Although they were separated years later, they never divorced. Their two sons survive, as does a son from McCrary’s first marriage.