Eddie Little, whose first novel, “Another Day in Paradise” became a 1998 movie starring James Woods and Melanie Griffith, died May 22 of a heart attack in Los Angeles. He was 48.

The book, a fictionalized account of his life as a drug addict, thief, con man and convicted criminal, focused on a teenager’s introduction into a life of crime.

L.A. native said his father, a schoolteacher, was physically abusive to him when forcing him to read; he said he started sniffing glue at 10, ran away from home at 12, was arrested the first time at 15 and started his first novel 20 years later while serving one of his prison terms.

He went on to write a second novel, “Steel Toes” (2001) and a newspaper column, “Outlaw L.A.,” for the L.A. Weekly, about “the underside of Los Angeles,” as his editor put it.

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He is survived by his daughter, mother, stepfather, a brother, a sister and fiancee Brandi Kenyon.