Amina Rizk, an actress since childhood and a pioneer in the Egyptian movie industry, died Sunday Aug. 24 of natural causes in Cairo. She was 90 and performed until being hospitalized two months prior to her death.

Rizk was one of the last survivors of a generation of actors that helped Egypt become the center of the Arab film industry, starting in the 1930s. She began acting in 1924 and performed in her first stage play, “Soad the Gypsy,” in 1928.

Famous for portraying passionate, sad and motherly roles, she never married in real life — a choice she said in a recent interview that she never regretted.

Her best-known movie perfs are in the “Land of Dreams”; “I Want a Solution”; and “A Beginning and an End,” based on the novel by Egyptian Nobel Prize laureate Naguib Mahfouz.

In 1997, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appointed her to the Egyptian Parliament’s upper house, a mostly ceremonial role but a recognition of her enduring popularity.