Trio net taps Tarantino, Stein guest programmers

Channel takes pop culture mission a step further with series

NEW YORK — Trio has tapped columnist Joel Stein and Quentin Tarantino as the first guest curators of its My Trio Programming block.

Guests will sked Trio’s primetime slate for a week.

“We’re taking our pop culture mission one step further by hiring the icons and arbiters of pop culture to program Trio for a week at a time,” said Lauren Zalaznick, net’s prexy. “Whether it’s film, television, comedy or anything else, Trio will be obsessed with whatever cultural artifacts our curators are obsessed with.”

Time magazine columnist Stein will program the week beginning July 20 at 9 p.m. A half-hour special will explain his choices, which include segments of “Battle of the Network Stars,” quiz show “Idiot Savants” (the episode featuring Stein as a contestant), and “Late Night With David Letterman” where Letterman reads a letter Stein wrote him as a child.

Tarantino’s week will begin Oct. 5. His next film, “Kill Bill,” will be released that month as well.

My Trio will be a quarterly event.

Net’s July special programming includes series “Good Clean Porn,” which takes a look at classics including “Debbie Does Dallas”‘ and “The Devil in Miss Jones.”