Based on an informal survey of intl. sales agents, producers and financiers on the subject of bankable talent, the following thesps and helmers have the indie world a buzz right now. (Comments were kept anonymous to protect the not-so-innocent.)


Orlando Bloom: “He’s got that androgynous-nice thing that works with women and with men. After ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ he’s shot through the roof.”

Daniel Craig: “Has been around for a while and really proven himself. With ‘Sylvia’ people are really beginning to take notice.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor:“That guy from ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ — what’s his name? He’s amazing.”

Romola Garai: “Fantastic in ‘I Capture the Castle’ — this girl’s got a big future.”

Scarlett Johansson: “Building herself a solid career. The buzz on ‘Girl With the Pearl Earring’ is great, and being in the new Sofia Coppola movie can’t hurt.”

Keira Knightly: “People have been waiting for someone like her. She’s riding a rocket.”

Clive Owen: “People used to think of him as TV, but with Bruckheimer’s ‘King Arthur’ and ‘Beyond Borders,’ he’s hitting the big time.”


Jonathan Glazer (“Sexy Beast”): “Definitely on people’s radar.”

David Mackenzie (“Young Adam”): “‘Young Adam’ was one of the few buzz movies in Cannes, so he’s got a level of excitement about him.”

Lukas Moodysson (“Lilya 4-Ever”): “Strongest and most original voice to come out of Scandinavia in a long time.”

Francois Ozon (“Swimming Pool”): “There seems to be a level of interest internationally in his films that corresponds with the specials units of the studios.”

Alexander Payne (“About Schmidt”): “Very financeable.”

Lynne Ramsay (“Morvern Callar”): “Her last two movies haven’t been commercials hits, but she’s a unique voice, and I’ll always be interested in what she’s doing.”