Tactical Maneuver

Attendees enjoyed Craig Waldman-designed after-party

It’s time to stash the Kevlar: Summer’s last major action launch came with Wednesday’s Village theater preem of “S.W.A.T.”

With it goes the pink mist, the helicopter slowly exploding into a ball of fire, the Oakley sunglasses, the dialogue (“You got a big mouth and you’re quick on the trigger”), the M203 grenade launcher mounted on the M4 tactical machine gun, plus all those evil foreigners who lived — and died so magnificently — since Memorial Day.

As the echo of the pic’s last explosion rippled over Westwood, Sony Pictures topper Amy Pascal said she’d learned this summer that auds “go to the movies to fall in love with the characters.”

“If you’re making a sequel,” she said, “you better make sure that they’re stand-alone movies.”

Producer Neal Moritz had this take on the future: “There won’t be as many sequels. So the sequels that come out will be huge, and everybody will want to do sequels again.”

Among those at the Craig Waldman-designed after-party were Sony’s Jeff Blake, Geoffrey Ammer, Yair Landau and Peter Schlessel; director Clark Johnson; plus guests Joe Roth, Mark Johnson, John Burnham, Nicole Clemens, Peter Benedek, Robert Towne, Vivica A. Fox and Shannen Doherty.