All release dates are subject to change

Aug. 20

“Thirteen” (Fox Searchlight)

Aug. 22

“Autumn Spring” (First Look)

“The Battle of Shaker Heights” (Miramax)

“Don’t Tempt Me” (First Look)

“Dust” (Lions Gate)

“The Medallion” (Screen Gems)

“My Boss’s Daughter” (Miramax)

“Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator” (Palm Pictures)

“Teknolust” (Thinkfilm)

Aug. 27

“Suddenly” (Empire)

Aug. 29

“Civil Brand” (Lion’s Gate)

“Gasoline” (Strand)

“Kilometer Zero” (TLA)

“The Legend of Johnny Lingo” (Innovation)

“Nola” (Fireworks/Goldwyn/IDP)

“Once Upon a Time in the Midlands” (Sony Pictures Classics)

“The Other Side of the Bed”

(Sundance Film Series)

Sept. 5

“Bollywood Hollywood” (Magnolia)

“Carnage” (Wellspring)

“Home Room” (Innovation)

“Party Monster” (Strand)

“Shaolin Soccer” (Miramax)

“Taking Sides” (New Yorker)

Sept. 12

“Cabin Fever” (Lions Gate)

“Dummy” (Artisan)

“Hotel Room” (Hollywood Independents)

“Lost in Translation” (Focus Features)

“Luster” (TLA)

“Millennium Actress” (Go Fish)

“No Good Deed” (MAC Releasing)

“So Close” (Strand)

“Warrior of Light” (New Yorker)

Sept. 19

“Bubba Hotep” (Vitagraph)

“Casa de los Babys” (IFC)

“Crime Spree” (Innovation)

“Demonlover” (Palm Pictures)

“Emerald Cowboy” (Indican)

“Hypnotic” (First Look)

“In This World” (Sundance Film Series)

“Mambo Italiano” (Goldwyn / IDP)

“Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion” (Artistic License)

“To Be and to Have” (New Yorker)

“Underworld” (Screen Gems)

Sept. 24

“Yossi & Jagger” (Strand)

Sept. 26

“Camera Obscura” (Fish Eye Films)

“My Life Without Me” (Sony Classics)

“Prey for Rock and Roll” (MAC Releasing)

“Secondhand Lions” (New Line)

“The Human Stain” (Miramax)

“Wonderland” (Lions Gate)

4th Quarter 2003

“12 Hours” (Manhattan)

“The Story of O” (Pathfinder)

“The Agitator” (Pathfinder)

“Filantropica” (Northern Arts Entertainment)

“A Foreign Affair” (Innovation)

“Il Cuore Altrove” (Northern Arts Entertainment)

“Ozu Retrospective” (Cowboy Pictures)

“Prozac Nation” (Miramax)

“Song of the Stork”

(Northern Arts Entertainment)

“The Story of O” (Pathfinder)


“The Flower of Evil” (Palm Pictures)

“Tokyo Story” (Cowboy Pictures)

Oct. 3

“Anything but Love” (Goldwyn/IDP)

“The Event” (ThinkFilm)

“Scary Movie 3” (Dimension)

“The Station Agent” (Miramax)

Oct. 8

“Bus 174” (ThinkFilm)

Oct. 10

“Dopamine” (Sundance Film Series)

“Girls Will Be Girls” (IFC)

“Gloomy Sunday” (Menemsha)

“House of the Dead” (Artisan)

“Kill Bill” (Miramax)

“Porn Theater” (Strand)

Oct. 17

“9 Dead Gay Guys” (TLA)

“Khachaturian” (7th Art Releasing)

“Pieces of April” (UA)

“The Returner” (Destination/Goldwyn/IDP)

“Shattered Glass” (Lions Gate)

“Sylvia” (Focus Features)

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (New Line)

“Wooly Boys” (MAC Releasing)

Oct. 24

“Duplex” (Miramax)

“Elephant” (HBO Films)

“In the Cut” (Screen Gems)

“The Party s Over” (Film Movement)

“The Singing Detective” (Paramount Classics)

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (Vitagraph)

“Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself” (ThinkFilm)

Oct. 31

“Die Mommie Die” (Sundance Film Series)

“Dirt” (MAC Releasing)

November Not Set

“American Storytellers” (Indican)

“Blue Gate Crossing” (Strand)

“Bukowski: Born Into This” (Magnolia)

“Off the Map” (Manhattan)

“Bride and Prejudice” (Excel)

Nov. 7

“Elf” (New Line)

“In My Skin” (Wellspring)

“Love Forbidden” (Strand)

“Prisoner of Paradise” (Menemsha)

Nov. 12

“Architect: A Son’s Journey”

(New Yorker)

Nov. 14

“21 Grams” (Focus Features)

“The Cooler” (Lions Gate)

“The Singing Forest”

(Hollywood Independents)

Nov. 21

“Barbarian Invasions” (Miramax)

“The Triplets of Belleville” (Sony Pictures Classics)

Nov. 26

“Bad Santa” (Dimension)

“El Bonaerense” (Menemsha)

“In America” (Fox Searchlight)

December Not Set

“The Child I Never Was” (Strand)

“Ken Park” (Monograph)

“Two Men Went to War” (Indican)

Dec. 3

“Highwaymen” (New Line)

Dec. 5

“Blizzard” (Premiere)

“Japanese Story” (Goldwyn/IDP)

“Junked” (Hollywood Independents)

“The Trilogy” (Magnolia)

Dec. 12

“Girl With a Pearl Earring”

(Lions Gate)

“The Statement” (Sony Classics)

“Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (New Line)

Dec. 25

“Cold Mountain” (Miramax)

“The Company” (Sony Classics)

Dec. 26

“The Fog of War” (Sony Classics)

— compiled by Lisa Hirsch