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In what sounds like a combination of his series “Freaks and Geeks” and “Sex and the City,” Paul Feig has made a deal with HBO to script the pilot “Nice Guys.” The comedy revolves around a trio of nerdy male co-workers looking for love in a superficial date market.

Also featured is an overweight female masseuse who is so taken by the hunky guys she rubs up against at work that she can’t commit to the paunchy guys who are interested in her.

“Just as ‘Freaks and Geeks’ was a realistic version of the high school experience for many people, this will lay out what normal guys go through as young adults,” Feig said. “I’m talking about the guys who aren’t superficial jerks and would actually make good husbands if women would just stop and notice.”

Much like “Sex and the City,” “Nice Guys” will take advantage of the looser rules of doing the show for HBO. For one thing, geeks are Internet experts, so there will be plenty of online porn.

“This will be about both singular love as well as couple love, but the main idea is to make the show racy in an honest way,” Feig said.

“Every character is representative of the earnest weaknesses we all have,” he added. “They’re sweet guys who are their own worst enemies.”

WMA is putting the pilot together.

Feig felt “Freaks and Geeks” never got its due, despite winning critical acclaim. However, it has gained cult popularity, and episodes will be released on DVD in March, complete with deleted scenes.

Feig also has a deal with Imagine to create a sci-fi series, and he just scripted and directed the Walden Media feature “I Am David,” due out in early 2004.

And after putting his geek reminiscences into essay form with the book “Kick Me,” Feig is writing a second book, “Superstud” for Random House imprint Three Rivers Press.