This sounds like a case for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Testing the patience of anyone keeping an eye on the fall schedules, CBS has changed the name of its upcoming “JAG” spinoff yet again.

In other words, when CBS said earlier this week it has finally settled on the title “NCIS” (Daily Variety, June 25), it hadn’t actually settled on the title “NCIS.”

The show had already been known as “NCIS,” “Navy CIS” and “Naval CIS” before the network went back to the old “NCIS” title earlier this week.

Uh, never mind.

The network, Paramount Network TV and producer Don Bellisario now plan to jazz up the title by calling the show “Navy NCIS.”

That’s right: Spelled out, the show’s name is now “Navy Naval Criminal Investigative Service.”

But at least it’s final — until CBS and Paramount change their minds again. But both parties promise this time they’ll stop renaming the show.

Of course, CBS isn’t the only network playing the name game. ABC has dropped the title to its upcoming laffer “Back to Kansas” in favor of “Married to the Kellys.”

Net and producers 20th Century Fox TV/Brad Grey TV thought the title better described the Friday-night sitcom, which comes from scribe Tom Hertz and stars Breckin Meyer.