Kobe’s the man at Teen Choice Awards

Laker star makes appearance though facing legal battle

A jury of his peers in a small Colorado county will decide Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault trial, but he’d never serve a day behind bars if the panel was picked from the audience at the Teen Choice Awards.

Bryant and his wife were surprise guests at Saturday night’s taping at the Universal Amphitheater. Even her massive diamond ring (reportedly a $4 million make-up present) got an up-close look from pre-show cameras.

But that was nothing compared with the attention Bryant got when he walked inside. There to receive the award for favorite male athlete, Bryant was loudly cheered when he came into the amphitheater. Then he received a long standing ovation when he stood up to get his award. They even cheered when he slipped out a side door.

Bryant used the friendly venue to continue his efforts to blunt negative PR. At the podium, Bryant thanked his wife for her contributions, then told the audience that, “We’ve been flying through some dark clouds lately, but soon the sun is going to rise and shine again.

Then Bryant finished with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The show airs Wednesday on Fox, the same day Bryant will be in court for his arraignment.