Inside Move: Not everybody on ‘Raymond’ set

Heaton back, but Roberts, Boyle out

Patricia Heaton’s feeling better– but that doesn’t mean all’s well on the set of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Heaton, who called in sick last week due — at least officially — to migraine headaches, showed up for yesterday’s rescheduled first table read of the season. The bad news: co-stars Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle were no-shows.

Roberts cited a leg injury, while Boyle has a history of health problems. As a result, it’s possible both illnesses were just that — though it would be awfully coincidental.

That’s because Boyle and Roberts, like Heaton, are all repped by the same attorney. In addition, all three have made it clear that they’re unhappy with the possibility that this season could be the last for “Raymond. ” The trio all have deals for next year in place and were counting on the coin from next season (the show’s ninth) when they agreed to their current deals a while back.

Brad Garrett, who has flatly told CBS he’s not returning unless the net opens talks about a raise, wasn’t at Monday’s rehearsal since his character is not in the season premiere.

As for yesterday’s rehearsal, production insiders said the mood was tense but business-like.

While the Roberts and Boyle absences were no doubt annoying to CBS and exec producer Phil Rosenthal, some insiders are hopeful the situation could be turning around.

Heaton’s return was a positive sign, and there’s evidence some of the chief profit participants on the show may be willing to pool their share of “Raymond’s” backend coin — estimated to be in the hundreds of millions — in order to correct the current salary inequities.

There was no word, however, on the Garrett situation. Glenn Robbins, one of the actor’s managers, declined comment.