Inside Move: Flu KOs Smart Set yule bash

Group won't cut back on fund-raising activities

The flu felled the annual Christmas party of the Screen Smart Set Auxiliary of the Motion Picture & Television Fund on Thursday at the MPTF Country House & Hospital.

“A lot of flu is going through the residences,” said Ken Scherer, CEO of the MPTF Foundation.

The Smart Set’s annual event includes a lunch with the residents and a sale of holiday items. It also marks the installation of org’s 2004 officers and board members.

Bruce Willis’ mother, Marlene K. Willis, will be Screen Smart Set president. First veepees Alixandria Friedman (wife of Budd Friedman), Mary Carlisle Blakeley (wife of James Blakeley) and Phyllis Quinn (wife of Jim Quinn) will serve in the fund-raising efforts for the MPTF.

The group’s holiday installation luncheon, traditionally staged at the MPTF Country House, has been postponed to spring “in response to County Health Dept. recommendations that, during this flu season, all hospital and residential care facilities should cut back on public gatherings at their facilities.”

But the group does not cut back on its constant fund-raising activities for the MPTF, flu season or not.