The following companies actively co-produce or help finance independent features. Listings were voluntary and compiled from information provided by these companies. While every effort was made to contact as many indies around the world as possible, we do not claim this list is comprehensive. Some companies did not wish to be listed.

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U.K. Film Council

10 Little Portland St.
London, W1W 7JG, U.K.
Phone: +44 (0) 207-861-7861
Fax: +44 (0) 207-861-7862
Email: info@ukfilmcouncil.org.uk

Contacts: Robert Jones, head of Premiere Fund; Paul Trijbits, head of New Cinema Fund; Jenny Borgars, head of Development Fund

Biz: Provides financial support to new and established filmmakers to produce British films
Product: “Gosford Park,” “Young Adam,” “L’Homme du train”
In the works: “Cross Town Traffic,” “Dan Leno and the Limehouse Gollum,” “Common vs. Italy”
Advice: Call, write, email us; genre projects welcome.


24 avenue Charles de Gaulle
92200 Neuilly sur Seine, France
Phone: +33 (0) 1-4640-4400
Fax: +33 (0) 1-4624-3728

Contacts: Brigitte Maccioni, Said Ben Said, Yves Marmion

Biz: Leading European exhibitor and key player in production, distribution and sales
Product: Feature films
Recent pics: “Amelie,” “Vidoq,” “Embrassez qui vous voudrez”
In the pipeline: “Tais toi,” “Blueberry,” “The Great Challenge”

Union Bank of California

445 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Phone: (213) 236-5827
Fax: (213) 236-5852

Contacts: Christine Ball, senior VP; Jenny Dongo Sampson, Danny Mandel, VPs

Biz: Provides facilities for studios, independent producers and distributors; foreign exchange and cash mangement
Product: All types of films with domestic distribution and a budget size of $20 million and up
Recent pics: “Basic,” “Shanghai Knights,” “The Wedding Planner”
In the pipeline: “Just One of Those Things,” “The Aviator,” “The Punisher”
Advice: Prepare a complete package inclusive of collateral such as pre-sales, completion bond, production details.

United Artists

1350 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 708-0300
Fax: (212) 708-0465
10250 Constellation Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: (310) 449-3000
Fax: (310) 586-8358

Contacts: Bingham Ray, prexy; Sara Rose, senior VP, production and acquisitions; Jack Turner, VP, production and acquisitions

Biz: Acquires completed films; develops, produces and finances films for distribution worldwide
Product: Seeks films with strong and original voices; budgets under $10 million preferred
Recent pics: “24 Hour Party People,” “Bowling for Columbine,” “Igby Goes Down”
In the works: “Pieces of April,” “Jeepers Creepers 2,” “Code 46”
Advice: Best means for submissions is through an established producer, agent, film rep or lawyer; unsolicited requests should first be made by letter with a short description or project and elements.

United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 273-6700
Fax: (310) 247-1111

Contacts: Howard Cohen, head, independent film; Jeremy Barber, Stuart Manashil, Shauna Eddy, agents

Biz: Film packaging, film finance; film and producer representation; film distribution and international sales consultation
Product: All genres; all budgets
Recent pics: “Igby Goes Down,” “The Banger Sisters,” “The Grey Zone”
In the pipeline: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Thumbsucker,” “Girl With a Pearl Earring”

Victory Media Group

Neue Zeile 3
87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 8341-961-1860
Fax: +49 (0) 8341-961-1823
Email: info@victory.tv

Contacts: Claus Clausen, managing director of funds; Steffen Aumueller, head of sales & marketing; Hubert Haas, marketing-production manager

Biz: Film fund specializing in high-quality TV, increasingly investing in theatrical features with average budget of $28 million
Recent pics: “Sons of Musica Cuba,” “Luisa Sanfelice,” “Enzo Ferrari”
In the pipeline: “Hannibal,” “Pompeji”

Videofilmes Producoes Artisticas

Praca Nossa Senhora da Gloria, 46
Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 22211-110, Brazil
Phone: +55 (21) 2556-0810
Fax: +55 (21) 2285-3865
Email: mauricio@videofilmes.com.br

Contacts: Mauricio Ramos, exec director; Walter Salles, Joao Moreira Salles, shareholders

Biz: Producer of features, short films and docus
Product: $300,000-$3.5 million features
Recent pics: “Nelson Freire,” “Paulino da Viola,” “Behind the Sun”
In the pipeline: Unnamed docu about Brazil’s 2002 presidential election
Advice: Email us.

VIP Medienfonds

Bavariafilmstr. 2
FRG – 82031 Grunwald, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 89-7473-4343
Fax: +49 (0) 89-7473-4311
Email: info@vip-muenchen.de

Contacts: Andreas Schmid, chairman of the board; Andreas Grosch, managing director

Biz: Development, production, co-production, sales, merchandising and marketing of feature films for worldwide audience
Product: Comedy, drama, thriller, family entertainment, $3 million-$60 million
In the pipeline: “The I Inside,” “Monster,” “The Punisher”
Advice: Email or call +49 89 74 73 43 43.


3 Fitzhardinge St.
London, W1H 6EF, U.K.
Phone: +44 (0) 20-7224-0234
Fax: +44 (0) 20-7486-7200
Email: steve.robbins@visionview.co.uk

Contacts: Steve Robbins, Jim Reeve, Tom Parkhouse

Biz: U.K. film finance and packaging
Product: Budgets $24 million and below; all genres
Recent pics: “Bright Young Things,” “Young Adam”
Advice: Send in a script and finance plan with a brief summary of your project.


505 Fifth Ave. S., Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 342-2277
Fax: (206) 342-3277
Email: production@vulcan.com

Contacts: Richard Hutton, VP, media development; Michael Caldwell, director, motion picture production

Biz: Motion picture and documentary production and financing
Product: Intelligent, thought-provoking, fully developed, packaged motion picture projects with production budgets under $1 million
Recent pics: “Far From Heaven,” “The Safety of Objects”
Advice: Screenplays must be submitted through established entertainment agents and/or attorneys. Unsolicited materials will not be accepted. Fully developed projects should be packaged with experienced filmmakers and cast. Documentaries are primarily developed internally.


2232 S. Cotner Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 575-5800
Fax: (310) 575-5802
Email: whitewaterfilms@aol.com

Contacts: Rick Rosenthal, exec producer; Susan Johnson, VP-producer; Ryan Peterson, director of development

Biz: indie film production
Product: Budgets are $250,000-$500,000, all genres; interested in making small, personal films and discovering and supporting new and emerging talent
In the pipeline: “Mean Creek,” “Nearing Grace”
Advice: Filmmakers can reach us by mail, but full releases are required before submissions can be accepted.

William Morris Independent

151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 859-4310
Fax: (310) 248-5510
ce@wma.com; rr@wma.com; ck@wma.com

Contacts: Cassian Elwes, Rena Ronson, co-heads; Craig Kestel, coordinator

Provides: Film packaging; film sales both domestically and in foreign territories
Seeks: All genres; all budgets
Recent pics: “Monster’s Ball,” “Saved,” “United States of Leland”
In the pipeline: “Just the Two of Us,” “Grey Matters,” “The Bridge”
Advice: Make the call; we are here and are happy to talk about your project.

World International Network

811 N. Catalina Ave., Suite 2304
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Phone: (310) 859-2500
Fax: (310) 859-7500
Email: info@win-llc.com

Contacts: Larry Gershman, CEO/chairman; Anita Gershman, prexy/chief operating officer; Martha Mikita, chief financial officer/VP

Biz: acquisition, production and distribution of feature length pictures
Product: Thriller, suspense, and dramas with budgets of $2 million to $4 million
Recent pics: “Snowbound,” “Operator,” “Holding Out Hope”
In the pipeline: “Dark Harvest,” “Solo in B Minor,” “Friendly Fire”
Advice: No unsolicited submissions, represented contacts may contact us via email

Wuste Film

Schulterblatt 58
20357 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 40-431-7060
Fax: +49 (0) 40-430-0012
Email: wueste@wuestefilm.de

Contacts: Ralph Schwingel, Stefan Schubert, production managers

Biz: German- and English-lingo features with established and new filmmakers, $1 million-$6 million
Recent pics: “Solino,” “Anam,” “Northern Star”
In the pipeline: “Against the Wall,” “Kebab Connection,” “Of Sayt”
Advice: A good pitch, a good treatment and a better script (by email).

WWP Studio Hamburg

Jenfelder Allee 80, 22039 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0) 40-6688-5561
Fax: +49 (0) 40-6688-5550
Email: wwp@studio-hamburg.de

Contacts: Wolfgang Esenwein, CEO; Dieter Stempnierwsky, head of production; Alexandra Heneka, creative affairs

Biz: As a private equity film fund, WWP produces and fully finances English-language feature films for theatrical release
Product: English-language feature films, $5 million to $20 million
Recent pics: “The Boys From County Clare”

X Filme Creative Pool

Bulowstr. 90
10783 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 30-2308-3311
Fax: +49 (0) 30-2308-3322
Email: info@x-filme.de

Contacts: Stefan Arndt, Maria Kopf, Manuela Stehr

Biz: Feature film production
Product: German and international feature films, mid to high budgets; international co-productions
Recent pics: “Goodbye, Lenin!,” “Heaven,” “I’m the Father”
In the pipeline: “Learning to Lie,” “Love in Thoughts,” “Absolute Silence”
Advice: For project suggestions, please send us scripts via mail. In other cases, please contact via telephone or email.


33 Percy St.
London, W1T 2LN
Phone: +44 (0) 20-7255-3555
Fax: +44 (0) 20-7255-3777
Email: chris@zephyrfilms.co.uk

Contacts: Chris Curling, Phil Robertson

Biz: Co-production and finance of British qualifying films
Product: U.K. qualifying theatrical films for the international market; budgets from $5 million to $25 million
Recent pics: “Mathilde, “Secret Passage”
In the pipeline: “For Pleasure,” “Eric in the Land of the Insects,” “Daniel and the Superdogs”
Advice: We do not accept unsolicited material from filmmakers. Only producers with 50% of a film’s finance in place should contact us.

Zero Film

Lehrter Strasse 57
10557 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 30-390-6630
Fax: +49 (0) 30-394-5834
Email: office@zerofilm.de

Contacts: Martin Hagemann, features; Thomas Kufus, documentaries

Biz: Independent feature production, co-production and line production for international partners filming in Germany, up to $5.8 million
Recent pics: “Black Box Germany,” “Father and Son,” “September”
In the pipeline: “Free Radicals,” “Farland,” “Pour l’amour du peuple”
Advice: Visit our Web site or email Martin Hagemann at above.