Gates owns 7% of Televisa

Filing did not disclose when, what price purchase made

MEXICO CITY — Bill Gates, the U.S.’ richest man, holds a 7% stake in Grupo Televisa, Mexico’s largest broadcaster, according to newly released filings.

In a filing to the Securities & Exchange Commission, the Microsoft founder disclosed that his investment fund Cascade Investment holds 5.3% of Televisa, or 4.9 million shares, and the charitable Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holds 1.4 million shares in the Mexican media conglom.

The filing did not disclose when or at what price Gates purchased the interest. SEC rules require holders of publicly traded stock to declare stakes of greater than 5%.

In addition to television broadcasting, Televisa produces programming for broadcast and pay television, distributes programming and has publishing, radio, cable, promotions, film production and distribution and Internet businesses. It also has a stake in Univision, the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S.

In NYSE trading, shares in Televisa rose 2.8% to $37.04 per share on the news, putting Gates’ holdings in the company at about $233 million.