Duo sweep into ‘Passionada’ debut

Lack of seats at the Dome

“Passionada” stars Sofia Milos and Jason Isaacs looked cozy Thursday, embracing and strolling arm-in-arm as they made their way up the red carpet for their pic’s bow at the Cinerama Dome.

Helmer Dan Ireland admitted that the film, which centers around Portuguese women in a New England fishing town, aims for a similar audience to recent international hits “Bend It Like Beckham” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” but conceded, “I would be happy to get a minuscule portion of that audience.”

The mood turned slightly sour when a throng of attendees, including a fashionably late Salma Hayek, were denied entrance due to a lack of seats. During the ArcLight’s after-party, pic’s Seymour Cassel and Lupe Ontiveros rubbed elbows with fellow attendees including Goldwyn’s Meyer Gottleib; producer David Bakalar; pic’s Theresa Russell; and guests Jacqueline Bisset, Edward James Olmos and Leslie Ann Warren.