DIC sets 3 hours of kid programs

Over 400 stations in major markets to pick up shows

NEW YORK — DIC Entertainment will launch its DIC Kid’s Network block Sept. 1.

Comprising three hours of kids programming, block was created to help local stations meet Federal Communications Commission educational requirements.

Three different three-hour feeds will be available each week and stations can choose how they wish to parcel out the shows. A Spanish-language feed will be available.

Over 400 stations in all the major markets are participating including Fox, WB and UPN affiliates. (Earlier this year, UPN announced it would drop its Disney-produced kids block Sept. 1.)

DIC’s station deals range from three to five years.

Piecemeal programming

To appeal to advertisers, different versions of the block can be patched together. “Advertisers can buy one spot and it can air (on) up to three different stations in a market,” explained David Ozer, senior VP of domestic television. “With such an extensive reach, we anticipate meeting advertisers’ expectations.”

DIC’s library holds 3,200 hours of programming including “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “The Littles.” Block was developed with the help of industry veterans Margaret Loesch and Donald Roberts, a specialist in kids and media at Stanford U.