The debut date: Oct. 15, 2000
The cast: Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Richard Lewis, Kathy Griffin.

The character Larry David plays in HBO’s new 10-episode cinema verite comedy is self-absorbed, duplicitous, unnervingly off-balance and overcome by an extraordinary sense of self-entitlement. No one has created a funnier TV character this fall.

Each episode finds him twisting minutiae to the breaking point and riffing on sticky situations to the point of absurdity. While the first four shows have their fair amounts of laugh-out-loud moments, each ends on an enormous knee-splitter; it’s a show viewers will remember the following day and likely laugh at even harder than they did the first time.

Series is shot mostly in a neo-docu style that’s often as unsettling as David’s behavior. Sound is intentionally echoey, and the brass band music is gleeful.

HBO deserves kudos for greenlighting such a terse character study: While “Sex and the City” may have a kind of universal appeal, members of the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” audience will be embracing David’s show for nonconformity, not universality.