With the industry’s social scene virtually shut down for summer’s last gasp, its players have taken to the field to indulge in the season’s all American pastime.

Ben Affleck, Jamie Kennedy and Sharon Osbourne have each played ball for the pros — albeit temporarily — when they threw out the first pitch at baseball games during the past two weeks. Chevy Chase, meanwhile, stuck around for more field time during the Artists & Writers softball game in the Hamptons Aug. 16.

Earlier star pitchers include Sharon Stone, who boldly hurled a ball in a dress to kick off an early August contest between the Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds, and Shania Twain, wearing her Cubs support on her sleeve for a match with the Phillies at Wrigley Field in late July. Some, like Penny Marshall, left, preferred to talk shop with managers, as seen last Tuesday at Dodger Stadium.