C4 funnels nonfiction to three U.S. cablers

Sundance nabs 'Divorce,' ' Veil' and 'Abused'

LONDON — Channel 4 Intl., the distrib arm of U.K. web Channel 4, has sold more than 30 hours of programming to U.S. broadcasters including HBO, the Sundance Channel and Discovery Health.

HBO has snapped up Mentorn Barraclough Carey’s current affairs program “Terror in Moscow,” about the Chechen gunmen who seized a theater in the center of Moscow. Doc, first broadcast on Channel 4, has attracted widespread interest and has already been sold to ABC (Australia), Arte (France), Telewizja Polska (Poland), VRT (Belgium), TV2 (Denmark) and TV4 (Sweden).

Sundance, meanwhile, has picked up three current affairs programs: “Divorce Iranian Style,” from award-winning filmmaker Kim Longinotto and Women Make Movies Prods.; “Lifting the Veil,” from Hardcash Prods.; and “Abused and Catholic,” from 3BM Television.

Discovery Health acquired Noble Gate’s “The Truth About Sex and the City,” while Trio purchased “Girls Alone,” from Dual Purpose, and Mentorn Barraclough Carey’s controversial “The Autopsy,” about Gunther von Hagens’ televised postmortem examination.