Animal Planet takes bite of ‘Bev Hills Vet’

Skein follows Oz pet doctor Warren on house calls

Animal Planet has greenlit “Beverly Hills Vet,” a new series centered on aiding the owners of L.A.’s most eccentric and problem-riddled pets.

Produced by Fox TV Studios in association with Painless Prods., skein follows Australian TV personality and veterinarian Katrina Warren as she makes her way through Beverly Hills, making house calls and dispensing both expert and common-sense advice to owners suffering from animal anxiety.

“With Jeff Corwin and the ‘Crocodile Hunter,’ I thought there was a hole in the market for a woman,” said Fox TV Studios exec VP of alternative productions David Martin. “I was running Fox’s TV production operation in Australia, saw her show and thought she was an enormous talent.”

Parrot problems

In “Vet,” Warren will treat such “illnesses” as swearing parrots, neurotic dogs and bite-happy snakes.

“Where else can you do something like this except in Los Angeles?” said net GM-exec VP Michael Cascio. “It’s where people have unusual pets, pamper their pets, mix business with their pets and generally love their pets too much.”

Hourlong skein is slated to debut Sept. 2 at 8 p.m.

Warren co-hosts Australia’s primetime animal series “Harry’s Practice,” now in its sixth year of production, and pens a pet care column for the country’s bestselling women’s mag “New Idea.”