ABC survival drama

Lieber's 'Nowhere' man for Spelling hour

ABC is going “Nowhere” with feature scribe Jeff Lieber (“Tuck Everlasting”) and producer Aaron Spelling.

Lieber is developing a “Survivor”-like hourlong drama for the network, focusing on what happens when 35 people survive a horrific plane crash, find themselves stranded on a Pacific island and are forced to build a new society.

Lieber will write and exec produce the Spelling/Touchstone Television project, tentatively dubbed “Nowhere,” which has snagged a premium script commitment for fall 2004 consideration.

Scribe said “Nowhere” won’t be a dramatic version of “Gilligan’s Island” or a scripted take on “Survivor.”

“There’ll be no coconuts, no coconut phones and no grass skirts,” Lieber said. “The show’s about what happens when all the morals and mores we’ve built up in society suddenly go away. Everything’s stripped down to the basics.”

In some ways, despite being scripted, Lieber believes “Nowhere” can be more realistic than “Survivor,” as it lacks the games and competitions the CBS hit uses to advance storylines.

Plan is to focus heavily on nine of the survivors, particularly two half-brothers who have recently met after the death of their father. And while there’s a bit of “Lord of the Flies” in the project, Lieber said the script would also serve as a “sort of wish fulfillment” by showing viewers a world free from modern distractions and annoyances.

Lieber’s upcoming feature projects include “Raveling” for John Wells Prods. and Warner Bros. and “The Ernie Davis Story” for Universal.

Deal for “Nowhere” was put together by CAA, Kustom Entertainment and Peter Nelson.