Horovitz leaving NARM

Prexy ankling to o'see Professional Assn. of Innkeepers

WASHINGTON — Pam Horovitz, the longtime president of the National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers, will step down from her post in July.

No replacement has been named.

“We thank Pam for her dedication and contributions to the industry and all the positive changes that have been made under her leadership,” NARM chairman David Schlang said in a statement.

Horovitz has been with the music retail trade association for 17 years, serving as president since 1989.

Crunch time for biz

She leaves the group at a critical time, when industry consolidation and the spread of music file-sharing networks on the Internet have left retailers and record labels battered.

Horovitz said her departure will give NARM an opportunity to look anew at the association’s role.

“When you’re operating in such a consolidated industry, you’re not really providing the suppliers with the networking efficiency that used to be one of the association’s roles, back when the suppliers had a lot of small customers spread out around the country,” Horovitz said. “So you have to look at the nature of the programs and services you’re providing. This is a good time for NARM to be doing that.”

Horovitz will take over as president of the Professional Assn. of Innkeepers in July, representing the bed-and-breakfast industry. “It was an offer I couldn’t refuse,” she said.