Inside Move: Hillary’s ‘History’ lesson

Tome tells some but leaves plenty for Bill

Hillary Clinton may have wanted to “wring Bill’s neck” over intern scandaleuse Monica Lewinsky, as about half a million readers of her “Living History” found out last week, but apparently she’s not upset enough to forgo plugging her hubby’s book, due out later this year, in her plethora of TV appearances.

The former First Lady’s PR is subliminal.

She writes, “Why he felt he had to deceive me and others is his own story, and he needs to tell it in his own way.”

But when asked by Barbara Walters, Katie Couric and Larry King about Bill’s unsavory intentions, she avoided the question while upping the intrigue for the next Clinton memoir, which might do well with the title “His Own Story.”

More Clinton synergy was evident in CNN’s re-airing of a “Larry King Live” interview with Bill Clinton, which was rolled out on the heels of Hillary Week and exactly three days after King hosted the former first lady.

Those hungry for details can only hope that when it’s Bill’s turn to talk about his story, he’ll be more unbuttoned than his wife has been. Considering the ex-prez’s history, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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