NEW YORK — Broadway grosses didn’t deviate much from last week, holding steady for the third stretch in a row during Week 10 (July 28-Aug. 3). Box office total of $13,881,1221 was just 0.05% higher for the week. Attendance of 207,346 remained the same.

Newest shows saw the greatest improvement at the box office. “Big River” swelled $54,583 for a gross of $254,352, while the puppet angst of “Avenue Q” gained $28,862 for a gross of $209,916.

Two top-10 shows fell the furthest: “42nd Street” was down $38,909 to $737,630, while “The Producers” (which may see more trouble ahead until Broderick and Lane return early next year) sank $36,158 to $925,759.

“Chicago,” now starring Melanie Griffith, grossed $676,751, moving $5,551 closer to the show’s gross potential of $687,460.

The 19 musicals grossed $12,634,712 for 91% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 187,318 at 92.9% of capacity.

The four plays grossed $1,246,409 for 9% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 20,028 at 71.6% of capacity.

Average ticket prices were $67.45 for musicals, $62.23 for plays and $65.36 for all shows.