NEW YORK — Broadway grosses got a minor boost in the wake of the Tony awards. Receipts rose by 4.2% to $14,452,490, while attendance notched a similar increase, to 224,771.

Attendance numbers are down compared to equivalent sessions in recent seasons, however.

Four shows exited last week. Three of them — “The Look of Love,” “The Play What I Wrote” and “A Year With Frog and Toad” — saw upswings. The fourth, “Salome,” the only hit among the bunch, was down, but only because it played a short sked.

Among ongoing shows, there were significant Tony boosts for “Movin’ Out,” up $74,748, the biggest rise for any continuing production; “Take Me Out,” up $50,376 to $295,256; “Gypsy,” which rose by $36,569 to set a house record of $853,476; and “Man of La Mancha,” up $53,491 to $552,104. Bumps at latter two shows came despite no actual awards.

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The 20 musicals grossed $12,226,511 for 84.6% of the Broadway total. Attendance of 185,374 was at 84.3% of capacity.

The eight plays grossed $2,225,979 for 15.4% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 39,343 representing 70.9% of capacity.

Average ticket prices were $65.96 for musicals, $56.58 for plays and $64.30 for all shows.