Showtime nod to Valencia

'Moment' filmmaker to receive $30K to produce short

Showtime has selected George Valencia as the winner of its annual Latino Filmmaker Showcase.

Valencia was chosen based on strength of short “Moment by Moment.” Story is of a man who finds his everyday routine suddenly interrupted by an occurrence in his neighborhood.

Valencia receives a $30,000 grant to produce another short, which will preem on Showtime.

Now in its fourth year, showcase will air Sept. 15 as part of net’s Hispanic Heritage Month.

Five shorts will be spotlighted besides Valencia’s. Four will be “An Assignment” by John Rangel; “One, Two Three” by Miguel Rueda; “What Really Happened During the Cuban Missile Crisis,” helmed by Charles McNamara; and “Flirting with Death” by Matt Clements and Fernando Lebrija. Fifth title will be “Vespertine” by Gustavo Mercado, who won the grant last year.

Pics were selected in conjunction with the L.A. Latino Intl. Film Festival, where Valencia won the best short award. Jury included fest founders Edward James Olmos and Marlene Dermer and net exec Pancho Mansfield.