Shankman ready to meet ‘Jetsons’

Script is in the process of being rewritten

HOLLYWOOD — Adam Shankman is in negotiations to helm “The Jetsons” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The helmer of Disney’s hit Steve Martin and Queen Latifah-starrer “Bringing Down the House” most recently became attached to develop a remake of 1937 Cary Grant pic “Topper,” also at Disney (Daily Variety, March 10).

Warners-based Denise DiNovi and Hanna Barbera Prods. are producing “The Jetsons,” which is based on the 1962 cartoon TV show that featured the henpecked family man of the future, George Jetson, and his nuclear family. A previous “Jetsons” movie was made in 1990, helmed by Joseph Barbera and the late William Hanna.

Pic’s script is in the process of being rewritten again, with the studio going out to writers shortly.

Pic is being overseen for Warner Bros. by exec VP of production Kevin McCormick.

Shankman, a former choreographer, broke out with the Col/Intermedia 2001 romantic comedy, “The Wedding Planner” starring Jennifer Lopez.