Sandstorm to whip up pics

'Square Circle' will be first from new financing deal

HOLLYWOOD — Sandstorm Films has partnered with equity investors Media Cooperation One of Germany and London’s Matador Pictures to produce a feature slate.

Sandstorm partners Scott Einbinder, Carol Kottenbrook and Joe Cardone will develop and produce the slate in association with MCOne and Matador.

MCOne and Matador will co-finance the pics in return for an equity stake in each title, with MCOne retaining all rights in German-speaking territories.

The first will be “The Square Circle,” an action film to be directed by French director Olivier Megaton and starring kickboxer Hector Echavarria.

With production in London and Eastern Europe to begin in August, Kottenbrook and Einbinder produce with Matador partner Nigel Thomas. Lightning Entertainment handles international sales.

The second project is supernatural thriller “Hellion,” penned by Cardone.

Sandstorm’s credits include upcoming Sci Fi Channel premiere “Alien Hunter,” TriStar Pictures’ “Sniper 2” and “Outside Ozona,” Screen Gems’ “The Forsaken” and Columbia TriStar’s “True Blue.”

Shingle most recently produced dark family drama “The Mummy an’ the Armadillo,” written and directed by Cardone and starring Brad Renfro and Johnathon Schaech.

Based in Stuttgart, MCOne is a home entertainment distributor and financier that co-produced and co-financed Germany’s Oscar-winning best foreign language film “Nowhere in Africa,” currently in domestic release through Zeitgeist Films. MCOne is principally owned by DBI, the equity division of Deutsche Bank.

MCOne is also a co-financier, with Constantin Films and Summit Entertainment, of “Wrong Turn,” to be released by 20th Century Fox May 30.

Matador is a partnership between U.K. producers Nigel Thomas and Peter Watson-Woods and Los Angeles-based Lauri Apelian.