MTV puts ‘TRL’ on movie beat

First show to focus on 'Blonde,' 'Uptown,' 'Jeepers'

MTV’s “TRL” will focus on the movies next week, with each day dedicated to upcoming releases from different studios.

“TRL Movie Week” will air Monday-Thursday from its Long Island Summer Beach House. Channel will take advantage of sister outlets MTV2 and MTV.com to maximize coverage, and each element will promote what is happening on the two others. MTV2 will focus on related videos and soundtracks; Web site will feature character dairies and radio programs.

Beyond music

While net often utilizes this “MTV 360” coverage for its own programming (such as its awards shows or Spanking New Music Week), “TRL Movie Week” reps the first time it will showcase external nonmusic content.

“We’ve done it for ourselves, but where we enjoy a rich relationship is with movie studios and talent,” said marketing exec VP John Shea, who likened the cross-promotion to a “revolving door.” A variety of studios will be represented during the week, with no favoritism shown to the output from sibling Paramount.

“Like with the music model, we work with a variety of types and labels,” Shea said. “This is based on that prototype.”

Mixed content

Content will be a combination of live and taped, and featured films range from imminent releases to early peeks at pics currently lensing.

Monday’s emphasis will be on MGM titles “Legally Blonde 2,” “Uptown Girls” and “Jeepers Creepers 2.”

Tuesday’s focus will be Warner releases including “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” “The Whole Ten Yards,” “Grind” and “The Matrix Revolutions.”

Wednesday will be a mix of films from different studios, including U’s “American Wedding,” Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean,” New Line’s “How to Deal” and Paramount’s “The Fighting Temptations.”

Thursday will be a showcase of Sony pics: “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” “Bad Boys 2,” “Swat,” “Gigli” and “Spider-man 2.”