Moodysson readies next pic

'Lilya 4-Ever' helmer secretive about plot, title

STOCKHOLM — Lukas Moodysson, the celebrated director of “Show Me Love,” “Together” and “Lilya 4-Ever,” starts shooting his new film in a few weeks. As always, he is very secretive about details, and is, intriguingly, calling the untitled project “a kind of submarine movie.”

“It’s a film about a father and a son and a girl and a friend. It’s a mixture of the reality show ‘Big Brother’ and Hieronymous Bosch, but with some kindness and consideration. And it’s not, like some Swedish papers have speculated, a poetic romance,” said the helmer.

Moodysson’s producer Lars Jonsson told Variety that the film is a contemporary drama: “The script has all the qualities we’ve come to associate with Moodysson. It’s very original, it’s both funny and horrific, it is provoking and touching.”

Film stars character actor Thorsten Flinck, 17-year-old newcomer Bjorn Almroth, Swedish soap actress Sanna Brading and Goran Marjanovic, an relative unknown.

Jonsson would not disclose the film’s budget; pic is produced by Jonsson’s Memfis Film, in cooperation with Film i Vast and Zentropa and with support from the Swedish Film Institute and the Nordic Film & TV fund. It will be shot entirely in Trollhattan and will be ready for premiere next summer, presumably in time for the 2004 Venice Film Festival.

Will the next step be an English-lingo pic for Moodysson? “It’s not impossible, if he writes a story that naturally lends itself to be made in English the same way that it was natural to shoot ‘Lilya 4-Ever’ in Russian,” opined Jonsson.