Inside Move: U sticks fork in ‘Pie’

Pic's makers say series won't rise again

“Never say never” is a good rule to follow when predicting whether a studio will make a sequel to a given film. But in the runup to the Aug. 1 opening of “American Wedding,” the third installment in the “American Pie” franchise, Universal has been particularly vocal in ruling out another episode in the sexual development of the gang from East Great Falls High.

Recent TV spots have declared “Wedding” “the finale of ‘American Pie.’ ” Other marketing materials call the pic “the thrilling climax” — pun fully intended, we’re sure — “of the ‘American Pie’ saga.”

Is that a promise to end the series? A Universal rep says, “It’s as definitive as anything in Hollywood can be.”

The studio rep also acknowledges the finale notion is meant to boost interest in the pic. But it really does look like “Pie” is done.

Scribe Adam Herz doesn’t seem to be working on developing the next installment. He’s more focused on his own production shingle and on developing a currently untitled but non-“American Pie” comedy that he would like to direct himself.

But that hasn’t prevented the cast from bandying about the notions of a sequel as they promote “Wedding.” Seann William Scott has proposed “American Baby” and Eugene Levy mentioned an idea for “American Christmas.”

Part of the reason U isn’t thinking about a fourth “Pie” is that the young cast members have gotten more expensive as they’ve aged.

As the studio rep says, “We’d never be able to get them all back together.”