Inside Move: Reality pics bitten at box office

From 'Justin' to 'Cancun'…

Fox’s “From Justin to Kelly” failed to crack the B.O. top 10, grossing $2.7 million over the June 20-22 weekend. That followed New Line’s disastrous $3.7 million whimper on “The Real Cancun.”

Only Paramount’s “Jackass” seems to have found success in this peculiar market, thanks to its promise of stunts and crass behavior bigger and better than on its namesake MTV series.

The recent fumbles should come as no surprise, since reality TV seems to be a particular form of media that doesn’t translate outside its own voyeuristic bounds.

Once taken out of the jungle, or off the saccharine set of “The Bachelor,” reality personalities don’t captivate auds. And they have limited shelf life, as evidenced by the lack of ratings for repeats or any appetite for full-season DVD sets.

Remember Richard Hatch, the winner of the very first “Survivor”? For a while, you couldn’t turn on a TV or pick up a magazine without seeing his mug. Neither his quickie book deal nor a gig hosting a morning radio show in Boston were smash successes.

And Colleen Haskell hasn’t found much acting work to follow up her starring role in the 2001 Rob Schneider laffer “The Animal.”

Still, there is one more reality pic still in the studio pipeline: Universal’s “The Quest,” which like “Cancun” follows kids on spring break.

Originally planned for an end-of-summer release (after being bumped from a May date to avoid going up against “Real Cancun”) it has been pushed back yet again.

A U rep says the earliest the pic could be released would be at the end of the year, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or maybe even next year.

We shall see.