It may not be the first place you’d expect to discover deep relaxation and unlock a dormant imagination but for $10, your local multiplex might soon be offering group meditation alongside movies.

Brighton-based Meditainment is launching a cinema-centered meditation experience complete with surround sound and onscreen interactive programming.

Marketing manager Scott King says theaters offer the perfect site, as they “are at once private and social venues. The darkened lighting means customers can concentrate their thoughts while still chilling out with friends.”

Meditators tailor their journey with a choice of destination (deep ocean, lost city or desert island), method of travel (ranging from spaceship to canoe), music (orchestral, “minimal” or slow drumbeat) and preferred goal (stress management or motivational).

They can even select the gender of the “guide” that narrates the two 15-minute journeys.

But a query of film critics — habitues of theaters — found them dismissive of the meditation-meets-multiplex concept. One joked that press screenings often become mass meditations themselves as “bored reviewers nod off into blissful escape.”

Meditainment hopes regular auds will be less dismissive. An initial public test takes place Sept. 10 in Brighton.