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Inside Move: Miramax ‘Bill’ comes due

Pic's cast eyes extra payday

Miramax has a release date for “Kill Bill Vol. 2,” but everyone is still trying to figure out the implications of the decision to split Quentin Tarantino‘s fourth film into two parts.

Miramax signed contracts with the “Kill Bill” stars — including Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Viveca Fox and David Carradine — well before it made the decision to do a two-part release. However, the company is negotiating with actors’ reps now to figure out how to resolve the issue.

Reps for the actors say Miramax must reach new deals — i.e. pay more money — before they can release “Vol. 2” on Feb. 20, 2004. But presumably it’ll be resolved long before then. One rep adds, “They’re trying to make those deals now.”

Aesthetically, Miramax considers “Bill” as a single pic that’s been split in two. But other considerations — marketing and contracts — make them separate.

Thurman, as the pic’s central character, is likely to land the biggest extra payday.

Other actors may not be as lucky. In the pic, which follows Thurman’s quest for revenge, many characters may not make it into the second part. Miramax probably does not need clearance from them to release “Vol. 2.”