The United States government is turning to supernatural assistance to fight crime.

At least that’s what Hollywood’s vision of the CIA and FBI has in store in a pair of pics now in the works.

New Line last week tapped David Nutter (Fox’s “The X-Files”) to helm “Darksiders,” in which the FBI recruits a group of vampires as special operatives.

And across town at Disney, “Underworld” helmer Len Wiseman is scripting the thriller “Black Chapter,” about the CIA enlisting ghosts as undercover agents.

“I’ve never seen a ghost movie done as a slick action film,” Wiseman said at the Comic-Con confab in San Diego in July. “There’s thrillers. There’s comedies. There’s horror. (But) never anything mixing ghosts with an adrenaline-full, kick-ass action movie.”

The two pics aren’t the first to mix otherworldly forces. Hollywood already has in the works two projects that combine popular movie monsters.

Screen Gems’ actioner “Underworld,” which bows Sept. 19 and is described as “Romeo and Juliet” with the Capulets as vampires and the Montagues as werewolves, was also directed by Wiseman.

And Stephen Sommers, director of Universal’s “The Mummy” franchise, is readying “Van Helsing,” which features Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, for summer 2004.