Billy Jack is on the way back.

Tom Laughlin, who portrayed the quiet loner in three indie films he directed in the 1970s, is prepping ” ‘Billy Jack’ Laughlin for President” as a doc-fiction combo to shoot between August and November.

Laughlin, who briefly ran for president in 1992, plans to portray the process of exploring a presidential campaign in half a dozen states. Also toplining will be Laughlin’s longtime spouse, Delores Taylor, who starred as Jean in the original.

Penned by Laughlin, Taylor and Robin Hutton, pic aims to blend campaigning, backroom politics, romance and drama.

Laughlin, who has back-burnered for now plans to remake “Billy Jack,” says he wants to create a genre and express his outrage over what he perceives as the corruption of both parties and the White House, particularly regarding the reasons for going to war over the last 50 years.

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“It will be sort of halfway between a feature and ‘Bowling for Columbine,’ ” he explains.

Laughlin plans to formally announce the self-financed project at a news conference sometime around the Fourth of July, edit the film as it’s being shot and get it into theaters early next year in order to have maximum impact on next year’s elections.