BERLIN — German production outfit Gemini Film is in negotiations with Jan de Bont’s Blue Tulip to co-produce an English-language project by up-and-coming helmer Philipp Stoelzl.

Pic, about a time-traveling serial killer, may be one of a number of titles financed by a joint e150 million ($163.5 million) fund launched by Gemini and Rudolf Wiesmeier of Munich-based fund Hollywood Partners.

Gemini, which co-produced “Boat Trip” and “Bookies,” also financed Stoelzl’s upcoming family drama “Baby.” The tyro helmer has attracted attention with his work on TV commercials and music videos, including Madonna’s “American Pie.”

Gemini is hoping to use the fund to finance up to 10 English-language projects, most of them to be shot in Germany. Living Pictures remains unaffected by new legislation regulating film funds as it was established in 2000, well before the cut-off date of Sept. 1, 2002.

Funds launched after that date must comply with more stringent guidelines that have severely altered the decision-making power of fund managers and put the very future of film funds into question in Germany.