Filmmakers get break from reality

Teams compete in 'Proyecto' to make a short in 48 hours

BUENOS AIRES — A handful of rookie filmmakers in Latin America are about to get their start via a reality show.

AOL Time Warner’s Turner Network Television is working with Argentine production company Cuatro Cabezas on “Proyecto 48” (Project 48), a talent contest and documentary about the making of filmmakers.

Three teams from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico recently won a competition to participate. Each team is made up of three people, either film students, recent graduates or indie filmmakers. The prize is the chance to produce a short film in 48 hours under the spotlight of TV cameras. If they can do it, their production will air during a primetime slot on TNT, which reaches about 13 million subscribers in Latin America.

Argentine helmer-scribe Carlos Sorin (“Historias minimas”) will give directorial support, while Cuatro Cabezas and TNT will provide artistic and technical assistance. Argentine thesp Gaston Pauls will host. The five-episode, half-hour program is scheduled to air Fridays at 9:30 p.m. on TNT, starting August 1 with the Argentines.