Femme helmers try their hands in Thailand

'Husband,' 'See-Oui' among female-directed projects

BANGKOK — In a male-dominated industry, four femme directors, including two sisters, are hoping to make their mark with their debut films being released this year.

Pimpaka Tohveera’s suspenser “One Night Husband” bowed Aug. 1. It’s the tale of a modern Thai woman who tracks down her lost husband, discovering his secret and something of her own identity.

Tohveera is a short-film director noted for her European pic style and a former film critic who directed the Bangkok Film Festival in 2001. Produced by GMM Pictures, film was selected as one of the 19 projects at the Pusan fest’s development sidebar in 2001 and premiered at this year’s Berlin fest.

Some people wondered if she was overly influenced by her German cinematographer and mentor Christophe Janetzko, but she says she chose him because of his creativity in the use of “voyeuristic” camera angles.

In October comes cannibalistic serial killer pic “See-Oui,” directed by sisters Buranee Rachaiboon and Nida Sudasna. Based on a real-life case of five decades ago, it’s about a Chinese migrant who killed seven children and devoured their hearts.

Both directors are known for their TV commercials and have more than 20 years’ experience.

Chinese actor Duan Long plays the lead role and U.S. writer Debra Katemeyer polished the script. A $1.2 million Hong Kong/Thai co-production, “See-Oui” is the first film from the Thailand Matching Motion Picture Co.

Actress-turned-director Mona Nahm has made action-adventure “Khon Ra-luek Chat” (“The Resurrection Man”). Bowing in November, it’s about a Buddhist couple who try to fight their destiny. Produced by famous director Oxide Pang, it’s meant a fight for credibility for Nahm.

“The crew always said they were making Pang’s movie when they arrived at the set,” she says. She found she had to overcome the obstacles of her age (30), lack of experience and her gender to win over the crew. Previously she produced a few films and directed student films in addition to acting. With this film she left the post-production to Pang, who is noted for his special effects and editing skills.