Dino’s dynasty extends its role

De Laurentiis clan full of film producers

Move over, Zanucks and Warners. It’s time to make room for the De Laurentiis family.

Dino and his nephew Aurelio are well established, elder statesmen of the Italian and U.S. film industries. Maverick producers with an appetite for larger-than-life movie spectacles, they both traveled to Cannes to shop their latest tentpoles (“Alexander the Great” and “The World of Tomorrow”).

In addition, there’s Dino’s daughter, Raffaella De Laurentiis, who is serving as exec producer of “Tomorrow” along with Aurelio; Latter’s underwritten the $70 million scifi pic, starring Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Raffaella has produced movies for nearly two decades. She’s worked with Dino on several pics, beginning with “Conan the Barbarian” in 1982, but “Tomorrow” is the first pic she has produced with Aurelio.

But now a third generation of the De Laurentiis family is budding.

Aurelio’s son, Luigi, has just graduated from USC film school. He’s set to join his father as a producer on a number of English-language productions, including an epic saga set in the second century. It’s called “Empire of the Dragon” and is adapted from a novel by Valerio Manfredi, who wrote the book that was the basis for Dino’s “Alexander.”

Despite their intertwined families and dovetailing interests, Aurelio and Dino have, however, had few business dealings.

Aurelio has distributed a number of Dino’s films in Italy, but he says they’ve never made a film together.

“We make vacations together,” Aurelio said. “In Capri.”