COPENHAGEN — A joint Danish-Swedish film commission, Oresund Filmkommission, will launch Oct. 1 to promote the film and media industries on both sides of the Oresund, the sound dividing the two countries. Two top execs are yet to be named, but an appromately $1 million budget is in place.

Private business interests and trade organizations, public regional development bodies and the EU have contributed to the initiative, intended to strengthen the media industry in the area — which has a 3.5 million population — and market the region’s locations to international production houses.

“Since we have no funding to attract the companies by financial incentives, we will work as the traditional film commission, promoting facilities and locations, and servicing incoming productions,” said head of development Claus Frelle-Petersen, of Copenhagen Capacity.

“With offices both in Copenhagen and Malmo, we will also be able to instigate a much-needed exchange of competence and resources. We will start modestly, probably approaching minor productions and commercials, but we will shortly be ready for an international launch,” Frelle-Petersen said.

Denmark’s film industry — and facilities — are more or less centered in Copenhagen. On the other side of the sound, Swedish regional film center, Film i Skane in Malmo, subsidizes both local and international productions, provided the all the money is spent in the region. The center is also a supporter of the new initiative.

By filming in the Oresund area foreign producers will benefit from favorable prices and flexible union rules.