Avati movie jazzes it up

'Ragazze' will begin lensing Umbria music fest

ROME — Fresh from his Croisette competition entry “The Heart Is Elsewhere,” Italo helmer Pupi Avati is set to film a story focusing on young people’s search for creative expression, success and love.

Avati announced that his new film, “Quando arrivano le ragazze?” (When Will the Girls Arrive?), will begin shooting at the 30th edition of the Umbria Jazz festival, which runs July 11-20 in the medieval town of Perugia.

Avati’s film represents a return to one of his old loves: music. The Italo director was a dedicated clarinetist for 15 years, once performing on the stage of the international Umbrian jazz festival with popular Italo singer-pianist Paolo Conte.

Film will be the third foray for Avati into his jazz past using the screen as a medium. In 1978 Avati directed a three-part series for Italo pubcaster RAI Uno called “Jazz Band,” and in 1991 helmed feature “Bix,” a biopic about trumpet player Bix Beiderbecke.

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“When Will the Girls Arrive,” a co-production between DueA Film and RAI Cinema, will be shot in Perugia, Bologna and Rome. It’s slated for release next spring.

Story, set around a group of young musicians, focuses on the least talented but most ambitious member of the group and his struggles to overcome his lack of talent.