Documentary filmmakers Venita Coelho and Deepti Datt have launched India’s first all-women film company, Firehorse Films.

“Having considered the hard fact that there are no commercial film companies in India run by women, we concluded what we needed was to create our own,” Coelho and Datt told Daily Variety. “The philosophy behind Firehorse Films is simple: Women first. In the subjects we explore, in the films we make, in the technicians we choose to work with, always women first.”

The company has lined up two projects, “Monsters Under the Bed” and “Bombay Stories.” The former, written by Coelho, is based on her personal experience with pedophilia. The latter is a documentary by Datt on five women’s lives in a small suburb.

The filmmakers hope to use part of Firehorse profits to provide a platform for women professionals, facilitating internships and seed money toward developing projects by women filmmakers.

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Firehorse Films will co-organize the Goa Intl. Women’s Film Festival, which runs March 6-8.