HOLLYWOOD — Third time’s the charm.

David Goyer, who wrote all three installments of New Line Cinema’s “Blade” franchise, will get his chance to direct with “Blade III.”

Goyer and star Wesley Snipes haven’t met to sign off on dates, but the studio expects to begin production in Vancouver this summer.

“Blade” is based on the Marvel comic about a heroic vampire able to survive daylight. In the third installment of the franchise, Blade must reverse an apocalyptic event that threatens to bring Earth under the vampires’ control.

“Blade III” won’t be Goyer’s first turn behind the camera. He also wrote and directed “ZigZag,” which starred Snipes and John Leguizamo. The film received good reviews and a very limited release through Silver Nitrate Films.

It’s a safe bet that “Blade III” will receive considerably more attention. “Blade” and its first sequel earned $277 million worldwide.

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Goyer is also writing “Batman” for Warner Bros. Pictures. He also co-wrote New Line’s upcoming “Freddy vs. Jason,” skedded for an Aug. 15 bow.