“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” scribes Michael Ferris and John Brancato will be back to back with the big guy. The duo will write “Westworld,” the Warner Bros.-based remake that will be produced by Jerry Weintraub and Schwarzenegger.

The scribe team got sole script credit for “T3” and shared story credit with Tedi Sarafian. They also rewrote “Catwoman,” a Pitof-directed film at WB to star Halle Berry.

WB, which will distribute “T3” domestically for financier Intermedia, liked the scribes enough to bring them back for a third high profile project. The studio and Weintraub hope they can write fast enough to make “Westworld” the next star vehicle for Schwarzenegger, who will not be playing the Yul Brynner role of the robotic gunfighter who turns the Old West vacation into a nightmare for a group of wannabe gunslinger tourists. Schwarzenegger will instead play one of the vacation guests. Pic was based on Michael Crichton’s novel.

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“It is the same idea, but this Westworld will be a much bigger place,” said Weintraub. “Hopefully, we get it made as Arnold’s next one, before he’s governor. Though it would heighten the tension if he were visiting Westworld as the governor of California,” Weintraub joked.

Jerry Weintraub Prods. prexy Mark Vahradian will supervise the pic with WB’s Bob Brassel and David Beaubaire.

Weintraub is gearing up for an early 2004 start on “Ocean’s Twelve,” the George Nolfi-scripted sequel that has director Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia committed to return.

He just set director Barry Levinson for “The Colonel and Me,” based on Weintraub’s own story of being mentored in the music business by Col. Tom Parker, the famed manager of Elvis Presley. Bo Goldman wrote the script.

The BWCS-repped scribes have been writing together since they were Harvard classmates and wrote for the Harvard Lampoon. Curiously, they have not gotten a comedy made but rather dramas “The Game” and “The Net.”

Ferris was director Jonathan Mostow’s roommate at Harvard, and the helmer brought the duo in when he got the “Terminator 3” job. The CAA-repped Schwarzenegger sparked to the work they did and wanted them for “Westworld.”