Scribe duo will polish ‘Enchanted’

'Possible' toon execs to rewrite for Disney

“Kim Possible” exec producers Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle have been hired to rewrite the live-action/CG project “Enchanted” for Disney and director Adam Shankman.

“Enchanted” begins as an animated tale about a peasant girl who falls for a prince. When the evil queen banishes her from the cartoon kingdom, she lands in live-action New York. She falls in love with the real-life big city, but things get complicated when the animated prince travels to the city to find her and the evil queen follows.

Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfeld produce the film with Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot, with Sunil Perkash as executive producer.

The original “Enchanted” script was written by Bill Kelly, with rewrites by Rita Hsiao (“Toy Story 2”) and Todd Alcott (“Antz”).

Touchstone Pictures bought the spec six years ago as one of its first buys for the then-nascent Sonnenfeld/Josephson Prods. (Daily Variety, Sept. 25, 1997).

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In addition to “Kim Possible,” which is enjoying its second season on the Disney Channel, Schooley and McCorkle’s credits include exec producing “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command,” co-producing and co-writing “Find Out Why With Timon & Pumbaa” for ABC and the National Science Foundation and producing “Disney’s Hercules: The Series” for ABC syndication.