Jeff Vintar, a writer on 20th Century Fox’s upcoming “I, Robot,” has been hired to write sci-fi adaptations for both Fox and New Line Cinema.

Vintar will first work on DC Comics’ “Y: The Last Man” for New Line Cinema, with David Goyer producing.

That will be followed by an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s classic “Foundation” trilogy for Fox. Shekhar Kapur is attached to direct.

Published by DC Comics’ Vertigo and created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, “Y: The Last Man” is based on the premise that a mysterious plague wipes out every male on the planet. Sole exception is one seemingly average young man who discovers it’s very dangerous to be the last man on Earth.

New Line director of development Cale Boyter is the project’s exec.

Hollywood has been trying to put “Foundation” on its feet for more than a decade, first at TriStar and later at Fox. Although “Foundation” has seen a number of writers at Fox, the plan is to start over and treat “Foundation” in a manner similar to “Lord of the Rings” or “The Matrix.” Vintar will pen two screenplays that could be released as a single epic but will most likely become two films.

“Foundation” focuses on how the human race is put on autopilot by a scientist who has mathematically mapped out exactly how the world will run. However, the program goes awry with the arrival of an evil mutant bent on conquering the universe.

Vintar’s adaptation will stem from the series’ first three volumes, “Foundation,” “Foundation and Empire” and “Second Foundation.”

Senior VP Emma Watts is the exec on the project, which will be produced by Vince Gerardis of Created By.

Vintar, who’s repped by WMA, also wrote “Spaceless,” which is set up at Fox with Gore Verbinski attached to direct, and “Scanners Live in Vain,” being developed by Created By.

Although Fox’s Will Smith vehicle “I, Robot,” directed by Alex Proyas, shares the same title as Asimov’s short story collection, the film stemmed from Vintar’s spec “Hardwired,” which is intended as a prequel to a future series of Asimov adaptations.