Morris’ ‘Fog’ tops Toronto doc lineup

'Los Angeles,' 'Yes Man' among world preems

TORONTO — Toronto Intl. Film Festival organizers unveiled a docu slate Tuesday that includes 27 features from 18 countries.

Among them are special presentations of Errol Morris’ “The Fog of War,” which will get its North American premiere, and the Canadian premiere of Ron Mann’s “Go Further.”

“Fog of War” details the 11 lessons that Robert S. McNamara, U.S. secretary of defense under President John F. Kennedy, gleaned in his years of service. In “Go Further,” actor-activist Woody Harrelson and friends take a consciousness-raising tour along the U.S.’ Pacific coast.

World preems include Thom Anderson’s “Los Angeles Plays Itself” and “The Yes Men,” from Chris Smith and Sarah Price, which follows the efforts of a loosely affiliated group of culture jammers.

“The Agronomist” will have its North American premiere at the fest; Jonathan Demme pic presents a portrait of the late Jean Dominique, militant Haitian journalist and political activist.

In “The Five Obstructions,” Lars von Trier challenges Danish helmerJorgen Leth to remake Leth’s own 1967 work “The Perfect Human” — five times.

Also included on the slate are the world preem of “Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine,” from Vikram Jayanti; “Molly and Mobarak,” by Tom Zubrycki; Bob Smeaton’s “Festival Express”; and from Iceland, Jean Michel Roux’s “Enquete sur le monde invisible.”